Meet Eric

The Photo that got me hooked and started it all.

A medium format, black and white, film print.

Eric Rothwell, servicing Barrie, Ontario - from British Columbia, inspired by mountains. 


I live in a van with my wife, Bridget, and dog, Kutsu. You'll find us travelling around Ontario staying at various ski hills. We're not hard to spot - just look for the big white van with the white board marker drawings all over it! One day we aim to live in BC and live in a tiny home.

I have a travel bug, which has taken me to Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam, New Zealand, England, and the States. I've lived and traveled all over Japan and Canada, especially BC.

My specialty is adventure. Growing up in BC, I gained a massive appreciation for the outdoors.  I grew up mountain biking, skiing, and sailing as much as my body could handle.  I took those passions and turned them into careers: Mountain Bike Instructor Level 2, Ski Instructor Level 2 + Park Certified, and Sailing Instructor.

I fell in love with photography in 2004 taking pictures of my friend mountain biking, overlooking the bay, using a medium format camera. So, naturally the next step was to get a BA in Visual Arts at the University of Victoria. I learned what goes into making a satisfying photo, and empathize with clients when creating projects.

--- FAQ ---

Your philosophy?

"Doing what you love vs loving what you do.

Both are absolutely necessary."

What do you like most about photography?

"Getting that 'ahah!' moment." 

Why be a Freelance photographer ?

"Freelance to me means that I am not bound to one discipline or subject matter within Photography.  There are an infinite amount of things to capture in front of the lens and I don't want to limit myself, or my clients, by claiming to do just one thing.  This way I know I can continue my practical education and grow."

What do you mean by "adventure"?

"Adventure is everywhere, actually - and everyone has a different take on it. It's exploring something that involves some level of personal risk or requires boldness. 

Adventure is in an "I do" as much as racing down a mountain."


I love to travel.  The photography is inspiring and exciting