As a professional photographer I of course believe in professional gear.  I like to be transparent as possible.  So here is an inside look at what is in my camera bag with links if you'd like to pick anything up for yourself.


The Nikon D850 - My daily driver, the backbone of my photo and video projects.  Delivers incredibly high quality clear photos and smooth 4K footage.

The Nikon 24-120mm - My primary lens.  It has an incredibly wide array of abilities with great sharpness.  You can also find this lens in some of Nikon's camera kits.

The Nikon 50mm - this prime lens is a must have 2nd lens.  It's an incredibly cheap full frame lens and will provide you with buttery backgrounds.

XQD Cards - The Nikon D850 has 1 XQD and 1 SD slot.  I recommend getting some XQD cards to take full advantage of the 4K features of this camera.

The Nikon ME-1 - is a great all-around microphone to capture the room, sport, or general sound for your videos.

The RODE Wireless Go - An amazingly simplistic wireless audio solution for all filmmakers.  Has a great built in microphone, option to plug in additional microphones, and a great battery life.

The RODE SmartLav + - great to have for a more discrete option whilst not sacrificing quality.  Plugs into the Rode Wireless Go or straight into your smartphone.

The DJI Ronin-S  The smallest gimbal for a large professional camera.  Keeps my footage incredibly smooth while moving.

The DJI Mavic Pro - Folds up super small, fits into my camera bag.  Great to always have it instead of it being an after thought.  Great 4K footage.  Has been replaced by the Mavic Pro 2 linked below.

Polar Pro ND Filters -  Incredibly essential to get that cinematic looking footage that you've been seeing everywhere.  You need to film as close to 2x your fps as possible.  These will help get that done.  They're also really high quality with a great warranty to back them.